Jaws Remake

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, there are rumors and reports that a Jaws remake is on the verge. This jaws remake is rumored to be a 3D version that will terrify moviegoers even more than the original. However, no information on the remake has been released. Production has been kept quiet and release dates of this Jaws remake are unknown. However, it is known that a Jaws remake is on the brink and that is great news for fans of the 1975 film.

The original version of Jaws is a 1975 film that was directed by renowned director Steven Spielberg. Steven Spielberg directed Jaws with a screenplay that was written based on the book by Peter Blenchey titled Jaws. This film became a summer blockbuster that changed films forever. The success of this film revolutionized the way films are released and now most big movies are released with summer dates to make them even bigger blockbusters. This movie not only catapulted film, but it also started Spielberg’s storied directorial career. Without this film on his resume he might have never become the director that he is today.

The 3D Jaws remake is said to have the basic plotline and story of the original with better graphics. The plot of the Jaws remake is basically simple; a great white shark attacks helpless beachgoers and wreaks havoc on a resort based town. Therefore, police, a marine biologist and a shark hunter embark on the journey to rescue the town form the wrath of the man-eating shark. The original film starred Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw. The actors for the Jaws remake are unknown, but Samuel L. Jackson has been talked about a lot regarding the remake. The original version of Jaws was shot mostly in Massachusetts, but it encountered many problems during production. Producing a film of this capacity is expensive and budgets are difficult to keep. The remake of Jaws will most likely be a big budget film that will have the latest technology and innovation to produce a realistic portrayal of a shark hunt.

Jaws was originally given a wide release that only became bigger over time. As the film became more popular it was available at every theater imaginable. The remake of Jaws will most likely be a much smoother process than the original. Jaws initially encountered many problems with the mechanical sharks used to shoot filming. Malfunctions were common and filming was often halted as a result. However, the Jaws remake will not encounter the same mechanical issues. With animation and technology available the production of the Jaws remake will be able to move along without massive issues and time constraints.

However, production issues with the original version of jaws did not make it less successful. It was given glowing recommendations by critics and it became the top grossing movie of all time. Its popularity has given way to the theory that it is one of the best films ever made.  In addition to Star Wars, Jaws is one of the movies responsible for the Hollywood movie business model that still exists today.  The types of movies that gain the highest exposure and earnings are action movies with adventure and other subplots incorporated in. The original version of Jaws also set the template for the summer release of adventure movies with lots of advertising to persuade audiences. Therefore, the Jaws remake will have much to live up to.

Many moviegoers are wary of remakes, but a Jaws remake will only take the basics from the original version and tell a separate story with better graphics and imaging. In some ways a Jaws remake will be more believable than the original version. Universal Pictures is the studio that is said to be responsible for this revolutionary remake. This remake of Jaws will be even more highly anticipated due to the 3D version that is being talked about. Can you imagine going into the theater to see a 3D version of this terrifying film?

The results will have moviegoers enthralled and excited. It is very difficult to remake classic movies and still keep the attention of moviegoers without changing the film too much for movie purists. It is very difficult to produce goo remakes and that might be why production of the Jaws remake is slow. It is important that the Jaws remake is given time to be created and have all the elements that made it so successful initially. Creating a masterpiece once is difficult, but creating it twice takes time and vision. Lovers of the original version of Jaws may cringe at a remake, but they will definitely be in line to see it. Word is that a Jaws remake is on the loose, but time will tell if it can compete with the original version.

The Jaws movie, when it came out in 1975, was a horror film that scared and delighted all who went to see it. Based on the novel by the same name, this movie depicts a shark that is hungry for human flesh, and terrorizes a beach town during the summer months. After the shark kills a number of beachgoers, 3 men get together to take the shark down and save the community from its sadistic appetite. The novel, written by Peter Benchley, came out in 1974 and was based on actual events that took place many decades earlier. One of the actual events that Peter Benchley based his book on was the Jersey Shore shark attack in 1916, which resulted in four people being killed by a crazy shark. Benchley based his novel on a fictional town called Amity, a summer hangout for beachgoers near Long Island, New York. The shark begins to prey on people swimming, surfing and enjoying the waters of Amity, and soon becomes a threat to the entire population.

The novel thus turned into quite a franchise, with four movie remakes, an amusement park ride, and other Jaws related products. Every time Jaws comes out with a new sequel, money is amassed in hundreds of millions of dollars. Will 2013 have the fifth Jaws movie remake? It is possible, but there are no facts or release dates yet.

The white fangs and wide open mouth of the crazy shark thrill and delight audiences that go to see the film and are excited to see the book come to life. Moviegoers are equally excited to see the remake of Jaws movie so they can once again see the sadistic shark come to life and watch the story unfold. It is rumored to come out in 3D, but facts have not been provided to support that rumor. Universal Studios is thinking of producing the Jaws remake, but has not said anymore than that. The rumors and speculation are, however, giving audiences something to talk about and anticipate, especially for those who love to go see horror films and horror film remakes.

If you are a Jaws fan, then this movie remake is for you. It will shock and delight you, and the suspense will carry you through till the very end. These Jaws remakes never disappoint audiences, since they have already made four successful Jaws movie remakes already.