Child’s Play Remake

    The Child’s Play remake for 2014 is well on its way. Jennifer Tilly is not supposed to come back in the remake however Catherine Hicks will be back in the role of Karen. There is still no word on who is going to be playing the role of Andy Barclay.

        The story of Chucky is going to be retold once again however this time around, there will be no comedy. There will be a lot more of the dark and disturbing aspects with much of the same movie still being told. The serial killer Charles Lee Ray is going to be gunned down still by the police and his soul will then be transferred to the doll right before he perishes. In the following days, Andy Barclay is going to get the doll for his birthday but before Charles can be removed from the doll, he is going to have to chant a voodoo chant to the first person that he has told his true self to which happens to be Andy.

    As for why someone would want to see this movie, well, it’s a new take on an old tale. The new effects that can be brought to life in this film will allow for people who love the movies to be able to focus more on the serious side of the film versus the corny comedy that was once funny. The franchise made millions off from the previous versions of the Chucky films and without a doubt; this one is going to be the same.

    There has been no release date set in stone yet however the speculation is that the new movie will be out in theaters in July of 2014. There was a battle that was being waged over who could use the franchise rights as there were two people battling over who held the rights however this has since then been resolved. The original film had belonged to MGM however the sequels had been made by Universal who thought they held the rights to all the films remakes.

    The rumor mills are a buzz with who is going to star in it. Danny Trejo has said that he is highly interested in the film and Brad Dourif is going to be the voice of the Chucky doll which as I am sure, his fans are going to adore. People love this type of film because the doll is adorable and cute all rolled into one with a side of frightening which is why people flock from all around to see Chucky!